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Antohin's Cana 2W 1L

Date of birth: 15. 07. 1994. - 07. 07. 2000.

Breeder: P.Powell

Sex: female

Cana was born on P.Powell's yard and imported by "Chivas kennels" when she was 4 months old.

Her pit weight was 30 lbs.

APBT online pedigree


                                                                  Jackson's HANK
                            Chavis' CH JOCKO
                                                                  Rast's QUEENIE
                 Chavis' DANGEROUS DAN
                                                                  Chavis' RED BOY JR.
                            LADY SASSY MEAD
                                                                  Chavis' BLACK BEAUTY
          Carolina Kennels' CH TERMITE ROM
                                                                  Chavis' CH JOCKO
                            Chavis' BUCKY
                                                                  Chavis' FAITH
                 Chavis' DELLILAH
                                                                  Chavis' CH JOCKO
                            Chavis' MARGARET
                                                                  LADY SASSY MEAD
    Antohin's Cana 2W 1L
                                                                  George's TRIPLE OTT RED
                            TRIPLE OTT RED JR.
                                                                  George's MAI TAI
                 George's RED ACE II
                                                                  George's TRIPLE OTT RED
                            George's CANDY
                                                                  George's MAI TAI
          Carolina Kennels' DALLAS
                                                                  Bass' TRAMP RED BOY
                            Medlin's RED ACE
                                                                  Marolwe's BRANDY GIRL
                 Juanita's RED JEWEL
                                                                  Whalley's RED EAGLE
                            Medlin's LIZZY BELL
                                                                  Medlin's CROCKED TAIL

CANA's breeding record:

Chivas' KICA 1L deep game 17.5 kg
sire: Chavis' JACKY ROM

Pop's CH SARENKO vs Chivas' KICA - deep game (1:05)

CANA is grandmother of:

CK Damiano's GR CH MARIO
5W (0:43, 0:24, 0:45, 1:08, 1:05)
Tatanka kennels' TRACY LORD Antohin's CANA